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Horwood Coombe Forest School is a huge asset to the children and it is benefiting them hugely both as individuals and in building close bonds between them, the children learn so much positive stuff about their natural environment. Sarah is a fantastic leader and her team are great role models.

You all do a wonderful job and we are very grateful for all your hard work and support.

Thank you for being such a great leader. I can’t thank you enough for all the support and all the fun things I have experienced because of you. I really like coming to Forest School and having a great hard-working leader are just one of the many reasons I go.

Sarah and all the Forest School, we can’t thank you enough for all your help with our son this year. He has been loving his time at Forest School so much and is always coming home full of exciting things to tell us that he has learnt. You all do an AMAZING job.

Since being at Horwood, my son has grown massively in confidence and built some lovely relationships. You have taught him that it’s okay to be different and given him the acceptance he has long needed.

You are an amazing team and we wouldn’t be where we are without you.

All your strength inspires me, your kindness motivates me, your care encourages me. I will not be who I am today without you, you have changed my life simply by becoming a part of it. Thank you for all the love and concern, for brightening my future and for all those moments when you took the special care. Thank you.

A special thank you to everyone that has helped and supported my son. He now feels able, confident and included at Forest School. He’s loved his time there, has fun and made good memories. Am truly grateful…. Many thanks.

Sarah and the Horwood Coombe Forest School have had such a positive impact on my daughter. The team are always focused on helping then children to grow and progress in confidence. We are so lucky to have such a fantastic school close to us.

Forest school is such a beneficial experience for the children in so many ways. It improves their social skills, helps them to form friendships and teaches them responsibility. It also helps them to care for the environment whilst teaching them skills.

Forest School is amazing, such fantastic things to do, my child loves it and always looks forward to going. Forest school is just what the children need.

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